History’s 5 Fastest Steam Trains

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Transportation has always had us fascinated. In less than 100 years we have seen a lot of evolutions and changes in the way we travel and transport goods. Things have become much easier than the way they were in the past. One of the biggest inventions of the past that will never fade off the face of history is steam locomotives. Though we do not use steam locomotives anymore, they have a special place for themselves in the history. If you ask me, I have always had a special love for them as they look pretty much beautiful than the electric trains that we have today. So here are some of the fastest locomotives of the history that holds the record for the same.

LNER Class A4 4472 Mallard – 126mph

The term LNER stands for London and North Eastern Railway. This train holds the record for being the fastest locomotive in the year 1938. It travelled at a speed of 126 miles per hour. It is one of the fastest locomotives in the history. This means the locomotive covers a distance of 203 kilometres per hour which is faster than a lot of trains that we have today. The train was numbered 4472 Mallard and was built in England.

Borsig DRG Series 05 002 – 125mph

A little before the world war, after the success of the locomotives, the German company Borsig started working on steam locomotives and launched 3 locomotives in the DRG 05 series, and they were numbered as 001, 002 and 003. Out of the three the 002 locomotive holds the record for travelling at a speed of 125 miles per hour in the year 1936, thus becoming the second fastest steam locomotive of history.

Pennsylvania Railroad E7 7002 – 115mph

The Pennsylvania Railroad built locomotive in the E series at the beginning of the 1900s. Any locomotive that was named under the E2 series got eventually converted to the E7 series in the year 1912. They functioned between the periods 1912 and 1935, and then they were scrapped. However, within this period, an E2 series locomotive that was numbered 8063 was renamed and renumbered as E7 7002 and hit the record for being one of the fastest locomotives.

DR 18 201 – 113mph

DR 18 201 is a German locomotive that came into existence in the year 1970. It is quite recent when compared to the other locomotives on the list. It is doesn’t just hold the record for the fastest locomotives in the history but also the fastest operational locomotive. This means that this is the fastest locomotive when taking into consideration the operational ones that are still working across the globe. It travels at a speed of 113 miles per hour.

Milwaukee Road class A #2 – 113mph

Milwaukee Road class A #2 is a class A series of trains that were built by an American locomotive company. These type of locomotives prevailed in the years 1935 to 1937. 4 trains were built and numbered in the series and out of them the second train holds the record and gets a place in the top 5 fastest locomotives of the history. Though there were four locomotives built, not one of them was preserved.