Are Steam Locomotives Still In Existence?

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In a world that was struggling to transport humans and goods, steam locomotives came as a redeemer. They were one of the fastest modes of transportations that existed in the 1800s. Though after that a lot of revolutionary transportation facilities came into existence, steam locomotives always hold a special place in history, and they were such a milestone in the history of transportation. Today we have a lot of changes in the world. Transportation has become so versatile and cheap that we never care about them. Technology has tremendously increased, and our travelling requirements are fulfilled in a matter of seconds. So our question now is, ‘Though history still remembers, has the world forgotten locomotives?’ Let us explore that.

A bit of history:

The first of all locomotives came in the year 1804 when it was invented in Great Britain by Richard Trevithick. Today we wonder when we look at electric trains that travel on the road instead of railroads but the first kind of steam locomotives were also the ones that worked on roads instead of rails. Yes, when Richard first invented the steam locomotives he made them fit only for the road conditions. It took him about three years to change accordingly so that it can function on railroads. Finally, in the year 1804, the first steam locomotive came into existence.

The story of being banished:

Though the launch of steam locomotives was seen as a great moment in the history of transportation, as people started finding alternatives, the world started ignoring the existence of steam locomotives. People still preferred travelling in them, but they didn’t love the concept of steam. Steam engines used to spew a lot of smoke that proved harmful to the environment. That was exactly the time on which a lot of awareness about factors that harm the environment was widely spread among people. So, a lot of people were against the functioning of steam locomotives.

However, despite knowing the odds, they couldn’t completely banish the idea as there wasn’t any backup plan or alternative then. But when people realised that the concept of electric trains was on the way, they were ready for the change, and thy highly welcomed it as well. When electric trains were in full force the existence of steam locomotives was completely banished. People do not use steam locomotive anymore.

The state of steam locomotives right now:

After so many years of evolution in the transportation sector, today steam locomotives are seen as historical assets and vintages that have to be preserved. Though not in full swing, steam locomotives are operational here and there even today. Considering the harm that they can create, they are a bit modified that they don’t emit a lot of smoke. A few countries like England, where the locomotive was born, the US, Japan and few other places still evince interest in preserving and functioning steam locomotives. Many such locomotives were rubbished in the past, and only a few locomotives are in existence. Read More